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Originally Posted by Asheru View Post
Weren't you the one who said JJ wasn't worth JVR? Someone did.

I have no idea why the Flyers signed him up for a $4.25 cap hit before he truly broke out, but we don't know for sure that he will live up to it. Injuries are now a concern on top of it. That's a risky contract in itself right there. It's fine if you're more worried about JJ's development curve, but it's not like JVR doesn't have his own potential drawbacks.
Other fans had brought JVR up first and Kings fans had deemed JJ more valuable. I was merely responding to that. As I said, I don't think JJ is near as valuable as JVR but maybe I'm biased there. I certainly don't think that JJ + Bernier + a late 1st gets your Rick Nash. I think that's a joke of an offer. If it does then I hope the Flyers offer Coburn + Bob + 1st. I'd probably even be willing to offer more than that despite the fact that the Flyers don't need forwards.

I definitely don't want to turn this into a JVR vs. JJ thing though. It's been done before and both fan bases think their player is better. I wanted to talk more about how/why people think JJ is valuable enough to be a big piece for Rick Nash. I don't see how people can ever think he will be a top pairing defenseman when he is one of the worst defenseman defense-wise in the NHL at the age of 25. In the right situation I could see him being a 55 point powerplay specialist 2nd pairing defenseman, but I just don't see him ever being good defensively or being extremely good at even strength.

Anyway, I certainly agree with you that JVR has his drawbacks. You can certainly point to the injuries and be concerned, but this is the first time he has ever missed significant time to injury and there are no long-lasting effects for the injuries he suffered so I'm not worried there.

The biggest thing that sucks w/ JVR is that many (myself included) believe that he was poised to break out. As I said earlier, he was on an early pace for 35-35-70 playing through the hip impingement before he hit the injured reserve list with his abdominal tear (sports hernia). After the abdominal tear (which will require surgery to fix), he has had 3 goals, 6 points in 18 games. He is clearly not the same player and I wish he would just get the surgery but the Flyers have always been incredibly stupid with injuries. They keep them hush-hush till the end of the season and then announce all the major surgeries and major injuries that players need/have.

But yes, you can certainly look at JVR's contract as a huge risk, which is why I would hope he isn't traded at this point for peanuts.

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