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02-17-2012, 11:19 PM
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Regarding Grossman -

I went to a Dallas Stars game a few weeks ago and there was absolutely no passion whatsoever in that building. It wasn't empty but it was quiet and it was boring. Even though the play was pretty good there was no energy at all. About a month ago I went to an Avalanche game and that was even worse. Horrible building and no juice from the crowd at all. Both places felt the same. Seemed like everybody was there to see some sort of novelty. "wheee they're skating!" It was like I was at a Wings lacrosse game. (sorry - lacrosse is cool but if your kid isn't playing - you don't pay to see it)

In Philly/New York/Boston/Detroit and Canadian cities - if your defenseman screws up and you get scored on - somebody screams "wake the **** up Carle you bum!!!" or "plays like that will get you back in Adirondack Bourdon you moron!!!!"

I think passion in a building has an effect on players and they tend to play harder in buildings where the fans actually care.

no excuses Grossman - this isn't ****ing Dallas. Nobody would rather be at the rodeo or doing some other stupid **** they do in Texas. They're there to see you bury somebody and earn your check.

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