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02-18-2012, 12:56 AM
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Originally Posted by MrLegend28 View Post
this might be, without question, the dumbest post ive read in this thread.
In light of the depth of experience you show with regards to "dumb", I do not want to take your crown. But thanks for the offer anyways.

Originally Posted by MrLegend28 View Post
Based off this solid 1st year expect greatness logic, the Islanders shoulda traded Tavares after his poor rookie season right?
No, not right. First, you cannot use a one-size-fits-all approach to all players. It just doesn't work. Well, maybe in your NHL 12 it does, but not in the real world. And second, Gardiner was not 1st overall, and 3rd, Gardiner is a defenceman, not a forward.

Originally Posted by MrLegend28 View Post
Hmm, I wonder if, what? 21 year old Gardiner, could who knows..improve? before he's 27 (Rick Nash's age).
Defenceman take longer to develop. Once again, that's probably something you didn't know. And in my original post I did say that Nash was a proven commodity, whereas Gardiner was just at the "potential" stage. I guess that was your way of saying I was right and that you agreed with me.

Originally Posted by MrLegend28 View Post
This is why people like you lol, will never see a GM job, ever.
Oh, versus people like you, who are obviously GM's just slumming it in here before you announce a blockbuster trade. Yeah, right. Thanks for the comic relief.

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