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02-18-2012, 01:05 AM
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Originally Posted by True Blue Quixote View Post
This is about Gardiner, and not Boston. Using Boston as an example of a possible 1st round matchup was meant to convey Gardiner's inevitable lack of effectiveness against what has been proven to be a successful, physical team. Too bad you missed that obvious intent.

Or maybe you think that a pretty pass or 2, and waiving a stick as Lucic barrels over him on his way to scoring, is a fine example of Gardiner's effectiveness in the playoffs.

A bigger forward may be more effective than a Kaberle lite. But, that we won't know until, or unless, it happens, so there's no point arguing hypotheticals, because, well, heck, you probably think this is about Boston.

Everybody including your self is using boston as an example, that if we don't trade guys like Gardiner for nash we are going to get run over by a team like boston..

You're out to lunch, If you were our GM.. you'd add another 10 trades to this list..

go to bed.

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