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02-18-2012, 03:43 AM
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Originally Posted by hpNYR View Post
No. What bank are you breaking? Nash is already signed. Your adding a piece to a foundation. Nobody does this trade if it requires numerous roster pieces outside of just Dubi and maybe Sauer. This is a 27 year old player in his prime who has never played with a real center in his career. Gaboriks contract expires in 2 seasons. He'll be 32-33 if the team chooses not to resign him and instead use that money elsewhere -- you still know you have Nash in place. Sather is definitely looking at that aspect as well. I think the timing of acquiring Nash couldn't be any more perfect.

2 year window to make a strong run for the cup with Richy, Nash, and Gabby.

Then in the 3rd year if you can afford Gabby you resign him if not you let him walk and use that money elsewhere while knowing you still have Nash up front as a big game breaker.
That contract is really tough to swallow and if the cap goes down without salary rollbacks, then we're extremely ****ed. If Nash were a bit more of a clear-cut gamebreaker it'd be easier to accept, but he's clearly not. That said, if Sather can keep Kreider and roster players other than Dubinsky out of the deal, then it'd be hard to say no. If the contract was $7 million or less, I'd give up Dubinsky, McIlrath, Thomas, and a 1st without reservations. But that contract is just ridiculous.

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