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Originally Posted by fsanford View Post
Did you know that offensively the Kings are scoring .48 fewer goals per game this year while giving up .33 fewer goals. Translated the plus minuses should be even worse and yet Johnson's is better.

Johnson had 3 bad games this year where he was -4 (against Detroit) -3 (against SJ) and -3 against PHX.. He offset 1 of those with a 3 point performance against STL early in the year. Throw that out, guy is pretty much an even player on a team that currently sits at -1.

For those of us who actually watch him on a regular basis (every Kings game) can see the vast improvement. He is a top 2 guy, on ,as you say one of the best defensive teams in the league. With the exception of 3 games, defensively he has been every bit as good as Doughty and 2nd in minutes behind Doughty.

Lombardi will not be trading him anytime soon.
Did you know that if you add a measly .05 to Bryzgalov's save percentage he would be the best goalie in the NHL right now?

Messing around with statistics is fun!

"If you just forget about these games here, Jack Johnson is one of the best on the team in +/-!"

"If you round up to the nearest whole number, Ilya Bryzgalov has a perfect save percentage!"

"If you just carry the 2 and multiply by 10, Penner would've been an all star this year".

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