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02-18-2012, 09:22 AM
Grant McCagg
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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
Watched the game. Grigorenko was pretty good. I say pretty good, but he was actually a huge force. Completes plays, no matter what the pressure or coverage. I thought he looked a bit awkward sometimes doing it, but he almost never "messed up" a play, and just constantly seems involved in creating pressure. Jurco, though... man... looked like the most skilled player on the ice for both teams by far. His hands have to be among the best... of any age. That from behind, through the legs/kick puck up to his stick juke to get around that defender and buy space to pass to an open Huberdeau alone in front (2nd period? Huberdeau was stopped by a pad on the play) was just so slick and effortless looking.

Beaulieu looked alright, but there was one goal where he was pretty lazy making his way back to the crease to cover after the puck never made it all the way up and out on his side. Guy can definitely move a puck (and crack it), I just hope he doesn't make a habit of pursuing the puck in the defensive zone by gliding around. Guilty of getting a bit complacent by times on a strong team? Again, hope not.

And yeah, Sportnet confirmed that Timmins was there, presumably to see Beaulieu. Too bad, as it seemed to me like a pretty average game from Beaulieu.
Presumably to see Beaulieu? I would think his main reason for being ther was to see Grigorenko...that the club had a pick in the game was just a bonus.

Grigorenko looked lost in some defensive situations last night - I wanted to see more from a guy who may go second overall. I'm still not sold - his inconsistency scares me.

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