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02-18-2012, 11:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Trident61494 View Post
Totally agree with this because its what a team SHOULD do because your backup goalie, on principle, is weaker than your starter, hence the term "backup." A 10-3-1 record may or may not me indicative of this, but I'm inclined to say yes in that in the beginning of the season our team was lights out with Biron in net. Are we getting tired? I would think that perhaps our defense is breaking down in front of Marty in the past few games and exploiting his weaknesses...

As far as his 5 hole....can a veteran goalie really change his style this far into his career? Is HE getting old & tired? Can we troll some Buffalo and Philly boards to see if anyone (or anyone here) knows if this is just been a problem from day one? cause if it is...our defense will have to be lights out in front of him...or else his next 8-12 starts could be rough.
His record is not indicative of his performance by any means. He plays against weaker opponents. With the exception of SJS, he hasn't faced any quality teams. Devils game-maybe, but we win with Hank in net in all his games except in MTL, because no one on this team can play there. Biron having a better win percentage than Hank is just something the Hank critics from other teams can troll on to say he shouldn't be in Hart consideration because he gives his team less of a chance to win than his backup, which is ludicrous.
I don't know if we win this game with Hank in net, but I'm telling you: that PS doesn't happen if Marty just swallows the puck instead of flubbing it and letting it go. The scramble doesn't happen, no PS is awarded, and the gate doesn't open.

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