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Originally Posted by Kurrilino View Post
Yes i think this was what they asked from him.

But IMO this is not the problem.
The mayor problem is to create quality scoring chances.
Shooting whenever you can will increse scoring chances but just at the minor level.
Would be like incresing puck posession through Murrays board cycles.
On paper it will increase the numbers but not the goals scored.

The article pointed on somethign more important.....
speed in neutral zone and entering the O-zone in better ways.

We enter slow and at the board. You can't make it anymore easy for the defender to defend us.

What i want is a fast transition from defense to offense and criss crossing winger in neutral zone combined by penetrating the ozone more towars the middle of the ice to have several OPTIONS to decide where to go instead just one way from the board to the inside.

The next thing is that our centers have to go back to playmaking not to shooting.
They simply don't create the chances where the wingers just have to tip the puck over the line........
Kopitar and Richards have to go to the point areas and pull the attention from defenders from here. Some creative and agile moves will force at least one defender to leave his optimal position and opens a slot fo the winger to go.
A deadly pass must follow that creates a quality scoring chance....

The last thing i wanna see is the centers going to the board !!!!!
They are called centers for a reason.
And even more i don't wanna see a pass from the board to the guys who is glued for whatever reason at the blue line and shots the puck into the crowd in front of the net to hope for lucky bounces....

We ned a yougn coach with visions, with a real 2-way game.... someone who takes a towel and slaps it into Stolls face after he hit section 319 from 10 feet goal distance... soemone who controls the locker room, who uses it as a war rom.
Someone who let loks for chemistry and uses it to create fancy moves and passing and let the lines practice these.
The guys nee some guidance and some creative and well known moves where they can pass blind just knowing a winger wil be at this point.

Is all that to much asked from a professional hockey team ???????
How comes Detroit can win 22 straight home games with a crappy roster like that ??

It is because the guys in farm team are well coached and prepared for the role they have to play in Detroit.
I wish someone would prepare Lewis to turn into a Draper, he has the tools to to.
Clifford would be an amazing McCarthy clone...

There is so much to do and i realy wonder why we still are loking for the mesias
and hope by miracle everything changes without doing any changes to us, to our attitudes, to our mentality......

We don't need a shoting mentality, or a hard working mentality, or a board battly mentality........


btw...... Lombardis amentality to draft gritt and completely ignore talent isn't helping either.
I agree with most of your points and everything.

But I just feel Kopitar has to elevate his game.

We can talk about, discuss about systems, new vision and X and Os but until each player put in a full commitment in elevating his game as an individual player. I don't care who coaches your team you're going to win.

Like you said, "WINNING MENTALITY."

But that "winning mentality" is only a result of "commitment" from each individual players to elevate their game, from conditioning, refining their strength, improving where they are weak as a player and so on....but I don't see that from our core players....

Doughty.... - has not elevated / improved his game since being a Norris candidate
Kopitar.... has not either... esp at $6.8 million
Brown.... we can find a 20-25 goal scorer who can hIt. He's nothing special yet... projected to be a power forward - never pan out yet......
Johnson....... hasn't been consistent... his plus minus..... still a minus...

Only Quick has been really the only one who has elevated his game IMO.
I like Dean to be fired. But he has a point, until the core elevates their game.... we won't go so far as a franchise.

Because by the end of the day..... it's about time the players step up...

In the end, we are just giving players... excuses... IMO.


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