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01-19-2006, 08:50 PM
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Originally Posted by kylez19
thats funny, because by reading your posts i get the impression you have never played hockey. your statements dont make any sense at all, you are ranting about nothing.

question the leadership of this team? come on, you couldn't possibly be in any position to question leadership.

hitchcock is playing the wrong players at the wrong times? oh funny because last time i checked we were easily first in the atlantic and top 3 in the eastern conference all season long.

philadelphia fans can be some of the most annoying people to listen to. get on a small streak and you would think the world is crumbling down around them.

do you agree with the icetime given to say brash and therien over any other players on the team?and what is your role with this team to know where or what kind of leadership is or isnt there?i was under the impression this forum was a place to discuss the good or bad with the team,coaches,players.and im as relaxed as they get just looking for some other insight and thoughts on the team.

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