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11-11-2003, 04:17 PM
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Originally Posted by DementedReality
terrible decision. i NEVER want to hear Mario and Co. complain about salaries or their financial situation.

"Fleury will receive $400,000 if he reaches any one of these incentives: 20 victories; a 3.25 goals-against average; an .890 save percentage; 1,800 minutes played; four shutouts over the term of the contract; and a top-three finish in the Calder Trophy (rookie of the year) balloting this season.

If Fleury achieves just two of those benchmarks this season, he receives a flat $4-million bonus . He would need to hit three incentives in his second year and four in the third to get the $4-million bonus in those seasons."


No wonder this franchise is in turmoil. They traded UP to inherit the right to give out this contract. Hey they chose it, so I dont want to hear them complain about the NHL system.

understand this: the Pens arent drawing well. they have the oldest building that was NEVER MEANT FOR HOCKEY! their one remaining Star, Lemieux, cant produce as much as he used to because 1) its a defensive game now 2) lack of supporting cast. so, what can teh Pens get to draw people in when their aging star and building fail to? easy, get another.

Have you ever watched fleury play? i mean honestly, because if you have, you would not say he is worth going to a game to see. HE IS INSANE! talk about him is already starting to spread in pittsburgh, and its been 10 games. and i know fans from other teams want to see him play, plus he is a draw for the whole league.

so, what should you do?

1) keep the exciting player, though he has a big contract, that can draw people in and give the Penguins a chance to win most nights (and trust me, more winning = more attendence), and whose mercahndise is the #2 selling for the Pens (mario being first).


2) send him back to juniors, alientate the fans, negate the X-Generation advertising campaign that promotes young stars, Fleury first and formost, decrease the pens chances of winning by placing Aubin on the nhl roster (mind you he has passed through waiver twice now) who is at his best average and cause the team to lose more games, hence not giving fans incentive to pay to see tha game.

in all honesty, your argument jsut doesn hold up. not to mention by your logic, mario is too expensive and we shouldnt be paying him either. the Pens kow exactly what they are doing, and have been deciding on this since fleury has been playing. every penguins fan will agree it is smarter to keep him and take the risk of payinh him 4M than to send him back down and take away a major reason for fans to come to the game.

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