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01-19-2006, 09:30 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyHigh
Lots of things to say. First of all, where were all the complaints when this team went on the road and picked up 17 of the possible 22 points? Face it, no team is going to play incredibly well for the whole season and no team is going to avoid rough spots. Even Ottawa had a streak like this a while back.

Hitch is getting absolutely no credit here and it's pretty disgusting. He's been without his 2 best defensemen for the most of the year, but Meyer especially has stepped up and done really well. Some of that is due to Meyer, but a lot of that is also due to excellent coaching. Look at what Pitkanen turned into this year. A Norris trophy contender before he got hurt. Yet, Hitchcock can't develop young players. I know that Pits had a good year with the Phantoms, but Hitchcock still deserves some credit here.

My main arguments with him are Niittymaki and Brashear. For all the whiners about Therien, I hate him too, but the next best options (Skolney and Seidenberg) are probably worse. I still don't see how Brashear gets minutes, I think Eager can do enough enforcing. Also, I think it's been a mistake to play Nitty this hard. It's easy to see that his level of play has just plummeted in the last 5-6 games. They should have played Storr for a game or two.

It's amazing how short-term peoples' memories seem to be. Remember, this is the team that Hitch guided to within a game of the Stanley Cup Finals despite losing Rico and Ragnarrsson and having Johnsson playing with a broken hand. Also, for those bashing Johnsson, remember that he was a marginal d-man at best before he came to Philly and started playing under...Hitchcock.

Give the man some credit. I know he's confusing, but I remember most people projecting a 20 g 20 a season for Carter before the year started. Carter is on track for that and Hitch is making him a better defensive player in the process. Show some confidence in the man. You'll see that most of the teams playing their young kids all the time aren't doing very well.

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