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Originally Posted by Brozgalov View Post
Some of you are crazy...

JVR saying what he said is exactly what they should have all been saying this entire time. Bryzgalov isn't an awful goalie, he is playing awful because he has absolutely no confidence and the fans are extremely hard on him. Does that make it okay? Absolutely not! You're paying him to be good under pressure and he was quoted as saying pressure doesn't get to him.

If you think he sucks because he is just a bad goalie, you're frankly an idiot. He sucks because an entire city wants his head right now. If he had confidence and the city didn't hate him.. maybe he lets in the first ****** goal. Then he focuses back on the game and doesn't let in another. Right now he lets in that ****** goal and goes.. JESUS ****ING CHRIST TIMMY P IS NEVER GOING TO LET ME HEAR THE END OF THAT AFTER THE GAME AND THE FANS HATE ME OMG

Again... is that okay for him to be like that? Hell no... but its reality. As a fan of this team I have to support Bryz because he honsetly can't stand playing like **** but he doesn't know what to do. Obviously the big contract was a bad idea and him thinking pressure was no big deal was wrong... but whats done is done.

****ing hell yeah JVR should say that... and the rest of the team should too... by doing that it takes the pressure somewhat off of bryzgalov and puts it on the rest of the team too. Don't you remember why Pronger was a factor on this team... he took all of the criticism away from everyone. It's easy to blame the goalie (obviously the 3 goals on him were bad.. im not saying they werent and im not saying we are unjustly angry at bryz...) but the media isn't after carle for his ****** play... or Giroux for his terrible turnovers and bad defense...

Point is.. I hope more of the players step up like JVR... I respect him 100% more now and realize trading him would be a terrible idea. He is a team guy. At the end of the day... fans are awesome when you're winning but when things aren't going well you have to ignore them. Bryz will learn, kinda hard now that hes behind so far but he will learn.

You do realize that we are expressing our opinions as fans of a professional sports team and not the Special Olympics, right? Or for our kid's Little League squad, when lil' Timmy drops the ball in left field? Do you think that the thought went through Bryzgalov's head as he looked at the contract, pen in hand, that maybe there were a lot of expectations of not just good, but great and consistent play? We all know that because Bryz talked about being aware of the pressure coming into Philadelphia.

He has to learn about handling fan expectations and criticism when he isn't playing at an AHL level? You cannot be serious. Bryzgalov has been in the NHL for 8 seasons and playing professionally for much longer. If he is really worrying about what Panaccio or other media or the fans are going to think about him if he lets in another weak goal, he seriously needs to submit his resignation from the NHL and take up a new career.

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