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11-11-2003, 05:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Enoch
Your right @bout seeing him pl@y. I bought tickets here in N@shville in hopes th@t I will see the kid, however, in @n @ttempt to get f@ns in the se@ts, the Penguins could be ruining their best pl@yer. @dd on to th@t @ll their compl@ints @bout money, @nd this continues to not m@ke sense. The bonuses's @re, like usu@l, ridicuously e@sy to @chieve, so in @ sense the Penguins s@l@ry is going to come down to three pl@yers

M@rio - 10 million
Str@k@ - 4 million
Fleury - 5.3 mil

Congr@ts to m@n@ging your budget wisely m@n@gement. @ job well done.
1) what is with all your a's being replaced by @'s?

2) Mario is getting 5.25M. 2.5M payed earlier was due to him in back pay, the other 2.5M is CEO salary, neither of which have to do with payroll. besides, who says Straka is definitely staying around?

3) fleury has an attitude and maturity that ia haven never seen in an 18 year old before. he has yet to get upset or show any negative emotions while playing or after a game. also remember, the Pens situation was much like cape breton's situation last year. one of the lower teams in the league, almost nothing in front of him facing a ton of shots every night. he's used to this happening. now he has an added 4M incentive to do so is the biggets difference.

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