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11-11-2003, 04:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Joey24
Fare enough about Sullivan and Smith, but common Jason Smith and Steve sullivan I doubt would have turnt into the players they are today with out a change of teams. Now you can beat that horse to death if you like but that is still not getting to the point I have made that Quinn has done alot for this franchise and does deserve credit for it.. And Slugo Changing comfrences isn't what made this team earn over 90 points each season since Quinn took over Changing Comfrences didn't really help Toronto point wize if anything it would just change the position they landed in the playoffs and I doubt that would change much either. To be honst I refuse to even start a debate about anything with you because you fail to see anyone elses points and turn a blind eye to any facts that prove you wrong 99.9 - 100 percent of the time so I am kinda voiding your posts at the moment until you prove other wise.
You're avoiding my posts?....then why did you even bother responding to this one?.........Steve Sullivan was already a very effective player in Toronto just that Pat Quinn wasn't using him properly like with current players like captain Mats Sundin........I'm almost willing to bet anyone in here that IF the Leafs decided to trade away Sundin to another club you would start to see this guy tear up the League in scoring causing Leafs fans everywhere to ask; "Why wasn't he scoring like this when he was playing for Toronto?".........If you don't believe me here on this point then ask yourselves this question; "Why is it everytime Mats Sundin plays for the Swdish National Team he's ALWAYS their best player?"...and this is with guys like Forsberg and Naslund playing on their team.........

Jason Smith wasn't yet the player with Toronto that he is today with the Edmonton Oilers but this just proves another point about Pat Quinn and that is he doesn't have the patience to be dealing with young hockey players....if he has a choice between a young player and a veteran, 9-times-out-of-10 Pat Quinn goes with the Vet........everybody in here keeps talking about how we need somemore help on our defence and how much better would it be if we had Jason Smith playing there?................

Last year we had Trevor Kidd as our backup........The Leafs were one of the better teams in the NHL with a winning record HOWEVER Trevor Kidd had a losing record and NOT ONLY THAT....Not only that BUT in 11-NHL seaons Trevor Kidd has had a winning record in ONLY 2 seasons of play....that's enough about Kidd I have nothing else to say here on the matter.



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