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01-19-2006, 11:47 PM
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60 minutes, 60 minutes, 60 minutes...thats all I hear on the rare hockey talk we get around here...Well guys, we played good hockey tonight. Sometimes analysts or fans forget that there is another team out there playing as hard as it can as well, and for 40 minutes tonight, we took it to the Devils. We were average in the second period, but Vokoun let us down big time...

I don't care what anyone says. All three of those goals went 5 hole on Vokoun. Even if you say they were "deflected" they were very saveable. Tomas isn't closing his legs. Shots from the point are coming right at him, he is watchingi them, and then he is letting them go right through his legs. He did not have a good game, and he was completely undressed in the shootout. Tomas is an elite goalie, but he is struggling right now. Look back at the last 4-5 games..We are giving up tons of goals, and they are off average scoring chances. Elias tips it in front of tomas, but what the heck is he doing leaving his legs wide open with the puck coming at net....He just isn't reacting right now. I'm not sure if its confidence, too many games, or some lingering pain in the knee. Regardless, we gave a winning effort tonight and lost.

Very fast game, we cycled better than any other game this year save for maybe the Islanders game. Walker is having a huge effect on even strength prescense. We came back from a 2 goal hole with less than twenty minutes to go against an elite trapping team with the best goalie in the world in Martin Brodeur. I still maintain that we should not have been down 3-1 in the first place. Tomas should have had at the least 1 of those 3 goals...probably 2, and when he is on his game...all 3 easily. I can't really harp on to many people tonight because I thought we had strong efforts from all the defensemen and forwards. Eaton with his best game of the year IMO, broke up 3 odd man chances..Hamhuis looked good...Erat with probably the 2 best one time goals of the season in back to back games...We are heating up again, we just need the goaltending to go along with it IMO.

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