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Originally Posted by moosehead81 View Post
I'll grant you some of that but wouldn't you agree that there's little shown by the Kings in the way of offensive creativity exhibited by teams that score more goals than LA? I'm not real familiar with Nashville but it seems to me that Trotz, who's been there forever, plays a defensive system around the strengths of the players he has, while allowing some creativity in the offensive zone. I just don't see that with the Kings; what I see is a system that pretends the red line is still in existence, no quick puck movement or transition out of the defensive zone and a bunch of muckers and grinders playing on the 1st and 2nd lines who, beyond Richards and Kopitar, would likely be on the 3rd or 4th lines of most offensively minded teams in the NHL. The team is just not built for offence and is therefore mired down in a defensive system that essentially causes less in the way of scoring. You can't totally blame the players for that.
Did you get a chance to read the article? It says right there. Several GMs indicated that the players are not playing the system correctly.

I would probably put more weight on their opinions than anyone else because there's no bias like us... FANS.

The fact that you mentioned that we mostly have grinders... when you have Richards, Brown, Kopitar, Williams, Loktionov, Gagne? compared to Nashville? Really?

We have more offensive forwards than Nashville. And for them to be 13th on offense and 2nd on the power play what other explanations does anyone need? Yes, I blame it on the players. A big part of it.

If you don't know Nashville. Well, Nashville is more of a defensive team than us, structurally speaking.

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