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02-18-2012, 08:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Jaysfanatic View Post
Bautista is an even better story, but the coverage and hype of it all wasn't even anywhere near the same as Lin, plus no one is questioning if Jeremy Lin is on PED's.

It's because he's in NY, it's a big deal. If he did the same thing in Toronto, people would be like, meh, who cares.

**** Lin, **** the New York Knicks and **** the hysteria.
i like lin but i think your assessment is sound. the media is completely cannibalizing the story and eventually there will be zero substance (already very little).

indeed bautista is a more remarkable story, a man who came out of nowhere, dominated for a year, then proceeded to dominate again in the face of huge pressure and naysayers claiming his one hit wonder status.

lin has been around for 2 weeks lol.

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