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01-20-2006, 02:12 AM
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Originally Posted by EazyB97
Have you measured them on the official blade tool? I don't trust Easton's measurements. As a minor hockey coach my team was called on it twice before the rule was taken out. Both on Recchi curves. Alot of places have taken out the Illegal curve rule and most kids buy blades by which one is the biggest. It would be ******** for them to sell products that don't sell, and for the most part, an illegal curve outsells a legal curve at the younger levels. I have been told by shop members that the only legal curves are the Drury and Modano (ones that have a stick guage). This was before the Iggy came out. The reason nobody called them at the start is the same reason Ilya Kovalchuk isn't called every shift. It's still a risk and most consider it poor sportsmanship. They can say it's a 1/2" curve, but it depends on where they measure it from. It's the same thing with the stock lies.
i have a hard time believing the recchi is illegal! that would be the curve i would tell my kids to get! simple mid with a decent toe - nothing crazy at all. i believe you if you say they actually measured - but i find it shocking a recchi is illegal. i agree with the statement companies use generalities on info like that, they are often way off on the lies, as you say.i just dont see how the drury pitching wedge is legal, but the simple mid recchi isnt. around here in CO, it really isnt a big curve thing - the kids here all use modo's and recchi's - maybe iggy. very rarely do i see the kids (i ref and coach) use the lidstroms, yzermans, and thortons - thats mostly adults who cant get the puck up. i believe you if you say they measured, but i wouldve bet my life on the recchi being legit.

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