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01-20-2006, 08:18 AM
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Originally Posted by goodrev
what this team needs is a player who can finish the puck besides gagne. i was watching the game as usual with the woman tonight and she said to me, "why does it take the flyers twice as many chances to get a goal than the other team?" and i realized that they really just dont have players who finish the puck, the amount of open nets missed by flyers players in a game is astounding as is the amount of pucks shot directly into the gut of opposing goaltenders, we dont need a captain we have 4 players in my opinion who are quite capable of being captain of this team, Hatcher, Forsberg, Gagne, and i also like Kapanen as a captain thought not vocal this guy leads in action. the team as of right now consists of 1 extraordinary line with gagne and forsberg and whoever you put on the RW it doesnt matter, 2 lines of grinders wherever you put knuble, stevenson, brashear, radio, kapanen, sim, savage (who i am not quite sure why he is still on the team over eager) and youth who are developing but have yet to show good signs of finishing skill in carter, richards and umberger. (they will, just not yet) Even when forsberg is playing he doesnt finish well, he stickhandles and passes like a god but his weakest point is definately his shot. Handzus is fantastic but i would in no way call him a finisher... when players like samsonov, and satan are out there available in the market as well as recchi or doug weight (assist guys) i think this team needs to make a move toward getting a guy who can bury the puck in the net and not try and shoot it through the golies chest.

move Brashear and his $1,748,000 contract, i dont know put one of our second rounders with him just so SOMEONE will take him because he is absolutely useless, place primeau on IR for the season and that frees up 5 mill in cap space, and after the depreciation of the players salaries if i interperet the cap correctly the flyers could add both weight or recchi and samsonov to the team without going over the cap. not that we would be able to do that without giving up a leg but it is just a thought... all in all i dont think this team is suffering from the lack of a captain but suffering from the lack of finishers, and hitchcocks coaching which puts them in a protective shell in the third period
I agree with thie wholeheartedly. I only get to listen to the games, but they seem to struggle with scoring, which will ultimately be their downfall. If we could get Samsonov for a reasonable price, I would do it to give another threat, and if we could get him with Weight, then we would have two legitimate socring lines that other teams would have to worry about. As it is now, when I hear the players on the power play, no wonder we have such a hard time scoring.

Plus I would like to have someone be named captain as well.

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