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01-20-2006, 08:57 AM
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Originally Posted by FlyHigh
I agree with most of this, but I think that Meyer has definitely been better than Seidenberg. Meyer puts up more points and isn't prone to as many dumb mistakes and blind passes.
Agreed with this, and most of your points from before. I think Meyer has played better than Seidenberg, to the point where Dennis no longer appears to be in the picture for the Flyers. I see him being a trade piece, hopefully to acquire a playmaking forward.

As for the malaise that seems to have descended on this team, I see a couple of major reasons for that. Number one, Nitty playing every game. He just appears exhausted to me. Sluggish reacting, and his rebound control has seemed to drop quite a bit lately. I understand that Storr isn't as good, but sheesh, Nitty needs a break every once in a while. Hopefully, with Esche returning, we can see a rotation start and Nitty can get some rest.

The second one, and I think even bigger than Nitty's lack of rest, is that Pitkanen and Desjardins are still out. I know, Pitkanen should be back Saturday, but it seems to me as if the Flyers' PP woes really started when he and Desjardins went down. Nothing against Kapanen or Johnsson, who I think are great players, but Kim needs rest himself, and Sami shouldn't be playing point. They just haven't been as smooth as Pits and Rico were, and no one on the Flyers' defense can afford to be as agressive as Joni was before he got hurt (despite some of them trying). With the loss of two top 4 d-men, it's forced Johnsson to play when he seems to not be himself, as well as pushed Therien into a top 4 position and have Meyer/Jones be one of the point men on the second PP unit, when they probably aren't quite ready for that. I think the return of Joni will help quite a bit on defense.

As for last night's game, I don't know what else to say. I will say I like the effort that most of the team is putting out, but Jon Sim is in over his head on a second line. Please, trade/waive him. He had several nice chances last night, and just couldn't bury them or sometimes even put them on net.

As for Brashear, I'm finding I've had less of a problem with him playing lately. He's been playing pretty well, I thought, for him. Some nice passes, lots of energy, even been skating better. No, he's not fighting, but he has thrown some nice hits and provided a spark at times for the Flyers. I'd much rather see Sim/Savage replaced by Eager than Brashear. But I will note I'd love to see Eager back up with the Flyers. No, he'll never be a top 6 guy I don't think, but a checking line banger/energy guy? I can see that easily.

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