Thread: News Article: Swiss fans book a Habs holiday
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02-19-2012, 12:36 AM
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None of you, who think driving is more of a pain in the ass than taking a flight, must fly overseas very often... And the fuel surcharge alone on international flights might even cost more than some drive from Montreal to Buffalo, or Nashville, or maybe even Dallas (unless you're driving a Hummer or something).

Just sayin'. Getting to an airport, lining up, waiting around for a couple of hours, filling out a bunch of forms, lining up, getting searched, getting drilled with a bunch of questions, taking off your clothes, and putting them back on a few times, being confined to a relatively small space for hours before going back through all that stuff again in reverse order?

I love travelling, and have travelled many parts of the world, and have to admit that it's the logistics of international flights that puts it in a separate category from jumping in a car and hitting the road... and THEN there's the cost, so yeah, kudos to these guys I guess. Lots of you guys probably really love skiing, just for example, and consider yourselves fairly well off financially... but... when was that last ski trip to Switzerland you took? Maybe some are into martial arts, but how many have hopped on a plane to Japan (that's just on the other side of an ocean, too) to see a kumite? Knowwhatimsayin'? It's not just about cost.

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