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Originally Posted by Jaysfanatic View Post
Yeah, but no one in the US gave a **** about how Baustanding Jose was and ****ing Lin goes seven games ad he's given rockstar status.
I agree that him breaking out in Toronto is different than if he had done so on an American team. It's not just Bautista. Carter and Bosh probably sold a lot more jerseys and got a lot more attention on ESPN after leaving the Raptors. Thankfully, VC had his best moments (imo) in a Raptors uniform.

That said, there are additional variables.

In baseball, development takes much longer and it can be hard to peg a lot of the players who become big, hence why I think the draft gets a lot less coverage/energy than the NBA.

In the NBA, it's extremely rare to have a guy who is undrafted or drafted late turn into a superstar (I say this cautiously as it's only been a few games). Look at the list of top tier talent in basketball who weren't drafted in the top 20 and compare it with say hockey where you have guys like Thomas/Robitaille/Lidstrom/MSL/Weber/Kaberle (as examples) who develop into top tier players.

Plus he's Asian. Since his run, many stories in New York have questioned whether or not scouts/teams subconsciously had a bias against him of his race as he's received nothing but praise from previous coaches and scouts who studied his play and statistics. I mean it's one thing if he's not as athletic/talented as other players and a terrible work ethic, but he has high basketball IQ AND actively improves his game in the offseason while trying to provide a strong team-first mentality. Asian-American's are typically not in any of the top four major sports in North America. Bautista is Dominican, who have a much deeper history in MLB compared to Asians in the NBA, so I'd say it's much more surprising.

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