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02-19-2012, 07:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Neely08 View Post
I get ya, BP. Believe me I do.

Everyone, EVERYONE on this team had a role to play, and had to step up at some point in order for them to win. More so than any championship team in recent memory. You can go right down the roster straight down to Paille, even Thornton. Subtract any contributions at any point, and we lose (eg. McQuaid's pinch, Lucic's pass, even Ference's finger, Thornton's presence). Ryder was paid 4mil, he was paid 4mil specifically to score goals, and especially in the playoffs. Until we acquired Horton, and out of dire need, Ryder was the one guy paid for that sole purpose.

However, Ryder also stands out as the one individual Chia openly had on the market. Even announced it to the league if I remember. Why?? He was more often than not completely MIA, blatantly lazy, and when this team couldn't buy goals. Not a GM in the NHL wanted anything to do w/ this guy, not to mention Sturm. Both contracts handcuffed PC, we were lucky to acquire Satan the year before. Were it not for Satan, a guy no one wanted, and Recchi, a guy everyone counted out. We probably don't even beat Buffalo.

Was last regular season all that different? Nope. You never knew when he'd show up. He wasn't just often absent on the score sheet, he couldn't be counted on on just a/b any front. Ryder delivered in the playoffs, would it have shocked anyone if he hadn't delivered? Nope. By then, you were accustomed to expecting next to nothing from him.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, he found a way to stay switched on in Dallas, good for him, it 's a/b damn time. Did he give Chia any reason to think he wouldn't look like an idiot for inking him again? It's Ryder's own performance throughout his contract in Boston that made Chia understandably balk on re-signing him, and nothing else.

Would I like to have him now? Sure. Am I grateful for his performance on the Cup run? Eternally. Do I understand why Chia let him walk? Absolutely I do.
Very well said. So many posters wanted - DEMANDED - Ryder gone over the past couple of years. Funny how so many want him back.

I don't doubt that Chiarelli made overtures to Ryder to return on a one-year deal, keeping in mind the players he has to re-sign this coming season. And I don't blame Ryder for taking more years elsewhere.

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