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02-19-2012, 08:58 AM
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Originally Posted by snowden View Post
That's how Ovechkin has looked all season. He wasn't rattled or anything, just his usual ineffective self.

And that second part explains the Lightning's philosophy since Boucher was hired. Play not to lose when you get the lead. Last year that didn't work a few times and I was furious. This year we haven't had the lead all that often in the 3rd so it's not as noticeable. But something needs to be done about that.
Playing not to lose also is bad news bears when there's the goaltending there is.

Related to that, Boucher says nearly every game where the Lightning trail after the first, that they don't want to panic, but the subsequent triple shifting of MAB seems to feed into the idea that there is panic, but on the bench of all places, and the players feed off their coaches.

When we're saying that Boucher needs to lose his ****, we're meaning that his plan, his ideal, is solid. He needs to lose his **** at the players who aren't doing what they need to make that idealized vision happen.

I know I've written many times that I don't like coaches who have too much confidence in their system working, but the plan for that particular game was devised for a reason, and depending on circumstances, things may need to be adjusted, but the core concepts have to stay the same.

It's losing your ****, so they don't lose theirs.

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