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Originally Posted by Estimated_Prophet View Post
Are you kidding?????????????????

White is listed as 6'0 200lbs but you have to be blind to believe that. I doubt he is even 5'11...............

McPhee is listed as 6'2 205lbs and that is definitely smaller than what he played at as these were his numbers when he entered the NHL. Probably played at around 215lbs during his prime. McPhee was a beast as his relative size in the 80's was huge compared to White's relative size in today's NHL.

You can't deny that White is clearly smaller than the average NHLer while McPhee towered over most forwards in the 80's.
Eliteprospects, hockeyreference, and all list McPhee as 6'1" 205 lbs, but I'm going to go upstairs and check some of my old hockey cards, too. That's usually the best place to find inflated physical stats/upper "limits". But I've actually met the guy numerous times out here, and at 5'10/11" myself last time, he didn't exactly tower over me. No doubt he played heavier (I think a lot of guys did well through the 80s), but he's hardly a mountain of a man. Mountain of a personality, yeah, but physically? Not really.

It's a matter of relativity or perception. I mean, in McPhee's day, I think every one of our "top 6 defensemen" was under 6'1" or below. Oh wait, there was Ludwig. Anyway, like, 1 or 2 people on the whole team over 6'2" I believe. You're right that White is smaller than average for now, and that McPhee might have been bigger than average for now, but if you use subjective descriptions like "considerably smaller", expect someone to ask you to explain that one, as most places don't list them as being so, so different via the "tale of the tape".

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