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02-19-2012, 09:50 AM
Steel your Habs away
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I have no problem with that article. Yet, what about some Bruins fans? And some Philly fans? For "some" Bruins fans to have LOVE the day when their Bruins pummeled the Pyatt and the Spacek of this world, and loved seeing those guys on the ice.....what does it say about them? Frustration? Moral victories? Okay, so be it. But if it's good for them....why can't it be good for us? It doesn't make any gestures more brillant they they were. It was downright stupid. But why suddenly does Dupont feel the need to explain what Habs fans are about while he had all those Bruins fans to analyse all of these years.

So the article is fine. But it is pretty condescendant and like I said before, whether it's Bruins or Habs fans, NOBODY has any right to give the other fanbase any kind of lessons.

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