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01-20-2006, 11:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Dr Love
17 straight games is a lot. Only guys like Brodeur and Luongo can and do pull that off.

You want to run him dog tired before the playoffs even begin?

They also catch a break before the playoffs begin, and there aren't many back to back games in the playoffs.

17 game is a lot. But tell me, do you want Esche for the payoffs or Nitty? what are you going to base it off? For me this is big. Nitty is a rookie. If I am going to the playoffs with the rookie then I want to see what has in the tank.

run him dog tired before the payoffs? um, it is january. he can get plenty of rest before the playoffs. i don't know where you were going with that. I never said "now starting forever Nitty"

yeah there aren't many back to back game in the playoffs. so are you saying the payoffs are easier?

Nitty is going to get a break. Esche will come back and rest will be available.
Your arguement of burning him out is unfounded. If this was mid- March then I would agree.

Right now Nitty has a chance to learn. He has to learn you have to fight through being tired. You have to fight through hard times. It is critical experience.

If he can learn that now, it makes him a better canidate for the playoffs.

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