Thread: Speculation: Why Bryzgalov Can Be Traded
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02-19-2012, 11:52 AM
Tim Tebow
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As stated in the title this is pure speculation, if even 1 thing he said is untrue it can completely change the situation. Plus one can also make the argument that common logic does not apply to Bryzgalov. He has always been an oddball who has reacted in unique ways to certain situations his entire career.

The teammate thing is always inaccurate. His teammates have also numerously defended him in the media and in situations were the media was not watching with local fans at games. In addition it does not matter what team you play for, if you make mistakes you will always feel heat from your teammates. This is one thing that does not change from professional sports to high school teams. In other words even if we shipped him to Columbus if he still struggles it's not like his teammates would be like, "Don't worry about it Bryz! We all suck here! We won't judge!" Athletes are athletes whether they are 30 or 16. Playing in Columbus won't make his situation anymore comfortable. Especially considering Columbus is #28 in offense and #29 in defense with the star players still on it.
Not to mention hockey players have lives outside of the team.

IMO Bryz only waives his NMC to go to a team that has a pretty decent looking situation and I don't know if any of those teams would take him with that contract. Bryz's situation isn't so bad that the grass is greener on every other side.

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