Thread: Speculation: Why Bryzgalov Can Be Traded
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02-19-2012, 01:04 PM
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Originally Posted by funghoul View Post
What was his "strange behavior"? on 24/7? The guy tries to be funny? I felt like the harry z. was acting like a dick to him. and jagr moving tables was ******** too. The contract is fat, no doubt, and i doubt were gonna abandon him this soon without a playoff run involved to judge but saying he is strainge just shows your lame and have NO sense of humor. You wanna say he sucks fine, he can be better, but the dude is funny as hell.
Unfortunately there is often that perception, that since he's 'different,' which obviously will be the case because he has a different background/culture/religion, then he is automatically strange. The guy has probably the most personality/intelligence out of any other player on the team, which works negatively in this kind of hockey environment. Intelligent people tend to overthink/overanalyze and simply unable to focus on one task ahead of them. What most fans would likely prefer just another high school dropout moron with no personality that just goes to work everyday and stops pucks. Can't say I blame them, but to say the guy is crazy, or a loony is pretty primitive reasoning.

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