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Originally Posted by Jerk Store View Post
Both are classless, and the author is hypocritical. But, you're pointing at that incident to bring forth their lack of class. And I agree with you. But Habs fans did the same thing. Calling them out doesn't make you any les classless. So you basically do the same things you complain they do. Not very mature.

P.S. not saying the fan base is classless, just making a point.
well look theres no use of denying it, alot of montreal fans are morons and classless but not all. Every fan base has them, the bigger the fan base and the more popular the team, the more assclown fans there are. If anyone thinks montreal fans are the image of class and we do no wrong they have the thickest homer glasses on.

That being said, what gets to me about bruin fans and media is that they or the teams always do something first, come up with an excuse and then go into an outrage when it happens to them. They cheer injuries, then one of their players gets a boo boo and they're outraged but forget they did the same thing in a worse situation just a couple of months ago. The worst part is that their media just feeds them what they want to hear so they get this false idea that they're always right. Montreals media on the other hand called out the fans that cheered chara getting a puck to the face.

And here is the last difference, Montreal players were not happy with the cheering, and pleky even went up to chara to see if he's ok. I'm not so sure a bruin would do the same.

I love the bruins to be honest, they are my 2nd favorite team and only time i cheer against them is when they play the habs, but some of their fans and media are the biggest hypocrites out there, but i'm sure they feel the same about habs fans

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