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02-19-2012, 02:26 PM
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Originally Posted by EllertoKostitsynGoal View Post
The players on that list DD could be more comparable to are Richards and Krecji. Soft minutes one-way players who aren't especially strong defensively and better used in a sheltered and PP specialist role (Richards more so than Krejci). Not sure I'd trade for Richards contract, doesn't seem worth it for a player that needs sheltering and is on the decline.

DD brings a lot for his contract, yes it's annoying when people act like Pacioretty could barely score at the NHL level before playing with him (on pace for 30 + last season playing with Gomez, who everybody thinks is terrible and Gio who can't pass) or like he makes Plekanec expendable but that's not DD's problem.

I'd say a big part of the problem is the lack of real analysis on hockey shows and all. People don't hear about the distinction between PP prod and ES prod or between tough minutes and soft minutes, what we hear is how X player has 5 more points than Y player so he must be so much better... Players are more than their point totals and the l'Antichambre crew and all never mention that so it's pretty normal that most people won't magically get these things.

If player X limits a top line to 3 scoring chances in a game (but let's say 2 goes in, he finishes -2) and is on the ice for 10 scoring chances(and none goes in) and player Y is on the ice for only 3 scoring chances for (2 happens to go in, he gets 2 points) but 10 against playing lesser opposition, who had the better game? The stat sheet would say player Y...

But reading those names shows how much we can't rank players by production. Krecji outscored Bergeron last season and in the playoffs but he was in absolutely no way a better player than him. Bergeron is one of the best tough minutes center in the league and a puck possession beast, DD may be comparable in points totals but his overall impact in a game doesn't compare at all. Not a whole lot of players can impact a game in every single way like Bergeron does.

And Bolland, another top tough minutes center, can't be forgetten when talking Chigago's center depth.

Though I'll say we have a better 5o5 offence than the Rangers. I also think we might have the edge in center depth but that would be because we have the best tough minutes guy in the lot (+Eller who can't be forgotten when talking about our depth at center).
I think this is a solid analysis. It is what I was saying earlier by some players bringing more to the table.....some players are far more useful, even if DD has more points.

I dont know many DD type players in the league right now but Lebeau, Comrie are decent example.....

As for Richards, I would take him over DD as a hockey player....but not with his contract....I agree with that....

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