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Originally Posted by Sharpshooter101 View Post
1.Even Bure never skated fast enough to move faster than a puck... passes are thus the best way to get ahead of the play.

2.Last thing a great stickhandler or passer wants to be forced at is going through his opponent.

3.The basis of the offensive is the collapse of the defensive system. Being ahead of the play means you have to be set to attack when your opponent is not in position to defend. Force your opponents to adjust their positioning; even NHL players make positioning the mistake after many movements.

4.Support your teammates! You are strong in unison... make sure you are morally supportive of weaker players, that you're always there to give pass options and ready to move.

5.In fore-checking, it may appear silly to skate when you know the opposition will just turn around you by passing the puck from side to side. But, if you don't cover that ground, you won't be there when they make a silly mistake. Always be ready to jump on the loose puck and always complete your plays - even they seem pointlessly repetitive.

6.If you have to concede space in defense, concede the boards.

7.In most lower levels of the game, you don't need shining skills, just play awareness: look up, they're not so well placed and many force the play.

8.Anatolii Tarasov once said that if a team was to pass the puck 270 times versus only 150 for their opponent, it meant they had 120 more opportunities to work with. Build that sense of team play in your own line-up...

9This one is very important: Have fun!
thought this was a great post for ANY level of player....

for a new player a few i see as "small/yet big" tips would be (and they have already been said)...

1. you have more time then you think/dont force a pass- if your going to force a pass learn to draw a player to you and MAKE SURE you can atleast get the puck deep

2. FIND OPEN ICE/keep moving- your not a good option and your not going to get the puck if you are covered, i mean look at it this way; when you have the puck and are looking to make a pass are you going to pass it to someone who isnt moving and has a player anywhere close to them?

3. if you are a forward (assuming this isnt a odd man rush) and you are inside/below the dots shoot the puck

4. the boards are your friend-use them....

5. talk to your team mates and ask for help/advice-if your new you will start to realize that alot of teams have players who have played together for years, this will not only make you better by learning from others, but will create some chemistry (if you will)

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