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02-19-2012, 02:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Sargent Pepper View Post
This was said previously and I do not disagree. The debate is not about whether is overcame adversity or what is CAP is about him being:

1. Legitimacy of DD being ranked with A list players by the OP
2. DD being a legitimate #1 Center
3. What skills does DD actually bring to the table....
4. Some have mentioned that this was a Kudos post for DD

All posts I have seen here are around these 3 subjects...from what I can tell...
To your points:

1) Laughable, you are correct.

2) I honestly think 2-3rd line is more realistic, but with his history of growing his game 1st is a long shot, but who knows.

3) HOCKEY IQ, Passing, and to be honest many other areas about his game are slowly increasing (Might have to do with him being told his whole life to give up and him working through it). The first part, IQ is what I feel is making him able to adjust and grow in each league. When you look at him on paper you are correct, nothing really jumps out as Gamebreaking, but his awareness mixed with passing makes him effective.

DD just needs to keep growing his game and working hard, thats all anyone can ask from him.

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