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01-20-2006, 05:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Osprey
Ok, I understand you now. I thought that you meant Petiot before.To pair him with a more stable defenseman in a role that receives fewer minutes and has fewer responsibilities (i.e. the role that he looked ok in before he was moved to assume Visnovsky's responsibilities, a role that "he isn't prepared for").
Well, first, Grebeshkov earned increased minutes in my opnion by playing well in his first couple of games.

Secondly, I don't know what 'fewer responsibilities' means. If anything, pairing Grebeshkov with Corvo did give him fewer responsibilities because Corvo creates a lot of offense and Grebs could concentrate on the defensive end without worrying about producing points.

And thirdly, there wasn't anyone to pair Grebeshkov with, based on your criteria. If he was paired with a good defensive player (Norstrom or Gleason), he'd be playing too many minutes; and if he was paired with any of the others (Dempsey or Weaver) the pairing would be an even greater defensive liability. By your own criteria Corvo was a decent compromise.

I really think you're just taking random potshots at Andy Murray.

To me, the only argument that makes a little sense would be that Grebeshkov should have been playing with Norstrom. But that doesn't seem to be your point because he would have been logging even more minutes.

I don't think we have any "more stable defensemen" playing fewer minutes than Corvo, so I think you're asking for the impossible.

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