Thread: Speculation: Why Bryzgalov Can Be Traded
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02-19-2012, 03:53 PM
retardo montalbon
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Originally Posted by Readyrock View Post
Can anyone make a reasonable case that we would be worse off with Bobrovsky starting and a scarecrow as back-up?

Isn't it sad that that's even a question?
this argument and this thread has been mutated and regurgitated and copied fifty thousand times. It boils down to some watch hockey and they see teams that win and those teams goalies get high praise. and the theres teams that lose, but they lose low scoring games (like the kings) and their goalies are still praised, then there are teams like us who are streaky. one game, our goalies play great, but the team can't score so its like a wash. we still somehow blame the goalie. then there are other games where we score and the goalie lets up a crap goal or two, which sucks. then we play games were everything is a mess. my point is this team changed so much over the last year you can't definitively blame one facet of the team as our entire problem. we've had poor play in goal, special teams has sucked, when we've had great games in goal we can't score, and the worst is key injuries. Bobrovsky could not have done any better against the teams bryz consistently played with the system being played in front. we take crazy penalties, our team takes high risk offensive plays and get caught low too many times and we create too many turnovers. were not a very well oiled machine. It's not real hard for me to understand why our goalies, especially bryzgalov are having problems finding their game. but whatever helps you comprehend things better. goalie lets in goal. goalie sucks. i guess that works too.

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