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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
You can get off to his condescending posts about Canadiens fans on a Canadiens board. I dont.
SouthernHab, you ever look at the Bruins board after they have a loss and take a special enjoyment in them blaming the refs and whining?

They like seeing you get hot and bothered too.

Why give em the satisfaction?

People who really dislike the Habs don't give a damn what we think. If we lost a game due to bad reffing, no one from the other team is going to look at our complaints and say "Hey they are right. They deserved that win." They are happy to win and even happier to see us calling it unfair. You think I am trying to preach a nice guy philosophy, and it comes off as condescending to you. Being controlled around your enemy is the best way to hate him. The enemy just gets a kick out of you.

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