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02-19-2012, 05:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Emerald Duck View Post
That was a great video. Thanks for sharing Sean.
np, except im sure a few of our boards finest will be convinced I posted it to fuel the fire of Teemu back to the Winnipeg Jets.

back to the topic of Vatanen coming to North America...

I really think the AHL is overrated as a development league... It's the best development league out there to prepare players for the North American game... but it's far from necessary for all prospects to go through the AHL first, an idea that many, many posters promote on HF.

In the old days, guys like Börje Salming went straight to the NHL. Same with the great soviet players, most of them just went straight to the NHL, and learned to adapt.

Also, the AHL is far from an experience similar to the NHL, it's just played with the exact same rules. There's so many players who have great success in the AHL, which translate to absolutely nothing in the NHL. Good players are good players, and sticking them in the AHL can often be worse for their development. ie: Filatov.

(top end talents like Filatov have no business in the AHL, Columbus made a horrible mistake sending him to the AHL, KHL or the NHL are the only two leagues that make any sense for him to play in... at least Ottawa figured that out. Best way to make a russian "lazy" ? Send him to the AHL.

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