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02-19-2012, 06:49 PM
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Originally Posted by pucky View Post
Are fans still yapping about the Chara hit? Montreal fans are the only ones who think it was malicious. If the stanchion wasn't such a bad design, he wouldn't have been hurt as bad.

You guys think Chara planned the entire thing and timed it so Pac would go into the stanchion?!? Really?!? And it really made sense to call 911, too, right?

There's no medical staffs at hockey games. They need the fans to call 911?!?

And Subban?!? Where does he factor into this? That is just childish.... we should speculate how Boston fans would react based on?

Btw, Subban actually has a rep of slewfooting so if he goes down, I think there would be some fans from every team nodding their head. It doesn't mean the entire fan base is bad.

Sorry, Hab fans, I don't see you guys making sense who are still complaining about the incident that is, what, a year old now?
Hey yo reality check here. This is a thread about a KPD article about Habs fans and he talks about the Chara event. How about he stops talking about it? Montreal fans are the only ones that think it's malicious? Based on what? The main hockey board? Well, first that,s not true. Then, even if there are more that might think it wasn' the hell does that board an indication of what REALLY happened? Not sure if you noticed, but everytime there's a chance to dump on the Habs and their fanbase, this main board is a reunion of all the losers who have nothing else but to feel they are part of something and in unison bash the Habs. And you know what? They start doing that for Boston fans too. And I can tell you that TONS of things Boston fans felt about this or that gesture, most of that board dissaproved.....were they right then? Of course they aren't.

As far as any Subban or whoever let say Matt Cooke examples, this is just an explanation as to why KPD article ('cause again, just remember what the title of the thread is all about) should have included EVERY fanbase and not just the Habs one. Oh and are you actually the one saying we should stop talking about the Chara incident and many years do you think that some Bruins fans will stop talking about the 9-1-1 calls, calls that have been TOTALLY bashed by our very own board at 99% of its members.

See, your reply doesn't make a whole lot of sense either. Like I keep saying, NEITHER fanbase should lecture the other. Yet, when one does it, are you really surprised that there's a reply by the other one? Really?

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