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01-20-2006, 11:53 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeyphan25
do you people watch the games? How stupid can you be to say Seidenberg is garbage? I can't wait to watch him blossom with Phoenix. Phoenix and Carolina games will be banned in Bobby Clarke's house. Watching Williams and Seidenberg will make him sick with himself. Who was it that said they can't stand watching Meyer and Jones on D? Get your eyes checked buddy, they have been very solid.

As for Nedved, Why didn't they wait until he cleared waivers and pick him up then, if they wanted him.

Rating the trade:
1. Very Bad trade because we traded a great young dman for a guy that was getting benched in Phoenix.
2. Bad trade because now we may not get to see Ben Eager again all year. (I understand that he has had weaknesses at other levels but he was dominant in the games he played with the Flyers)
3. Bad trade because we could have received a very good player by giving up Dennis and taking on that Salary.
3. Good news because Clarke may not be able to make more trades, ruining this team further.
4. Good news because Seidenberg will no longer have to ask himself - Am I really getting benched in favor of Chris Therien?

Overall: bad trade
The ignorance of Philly fans is just embarrassing to be honest.

Before Nedved has played a single game, a single minute, a single second, he is already condemned. Clarke is immediately condemned despite the fact that he has done nothing but make good deals for this team. I'm sure that these are the same people that were screaming for Handzus to be traded before the year.

It's absolutely unfair to grade this trade before either player has even played a game. I personally think that Nedved will flourish playing with a competitive team. He's the type of player who will work hard when he plays with talent. We saw that with Edmonton in 03-04. As for Seidenberg, sorry to burst some bubbles, but he's pretty much the only minus player on the team which says a fair deal about his defensive play. He also wasn't producing offensively and Meyer has proven to be more effective.

That comment about Williams is completely ignorant as well. The team was missing a lot of d-men at the time. A sacrifice needed to be made. I still remember all the people complaining that it should have been Gagne. Markov was a deal that needed to be made. Clarke has guided this team very well, yet after every move, he's castigated. Yet I'm sure once Seidenberg turns into Bruno St. Jacques and Nedved becomes a contributor, these people will just crawl back into holes and say that had been behind the trade all along. Just like the people that wanted to deal Handzus.

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