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02-19-2012, 08:20 PM
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Originally Posted by BroadwayStorm View Post
He's not a leader blueshirtblitz? Really? Watch the game today before you open your nitpicking mouth. The kid has played 9 games and is better than 80% of the leagues point guards if not more. And he hasn't even started yet. The Mavericks asphyxiated him today and he still wrecked their defense, inside outside. The turnovers don't matter when he gets rebounds and steals the way he does. And the argument that it's his fault the Knicks are .500 and not contenders is asinine. They would be a lottery team without him during that span. Even now there is no bigger example than today as when Jeremy Lin was resting the team blew a 12 point lead almost immediately because they could not generate any sort of competent offense without him. And everyone is playing better because they have a field general now. All of a sudden with JR Smith, Davis, Novak, and pushing Shumpert and/or Fields into the bench the team looks really deep. Oh yeah, Fields looks like a good player again because of Lin. As does everyone else. The center has an offensive game. Please dude common. I bet you are nitpicking the Rangers play too.

He hates Carmelo too...

Anyway, yeah they're going to be deep:

Chandler - Jeffries
Stoudemire - Harrellson
Anthony - Shumpert/Novak
Fields - Smith
Lin - Davis

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