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02-19-2012, 08:30 PM
Only a 2 year window
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Originally Posted by stlweir View Post
Robb_K as always you are right on. At this moment this Blues team is a cup contender, not a favorite but a contender. The core of this team is so very young and talented. I see Tarasenko as a speeder Oshie. Schwartz is the biggest ? mark for me and yet he may turn out to be the best prospect despite his size. Rattie may turn out to be the best sniper of the top prospects. Despite the Checketts bashers patience is paying off.
Checketts cost the Blues the season last year with his vanity project of holding on to the team. Then he held a press conference and said he'd reluctantly given up and was putting the team totally on sale and he'd no longer be involved. Also not true, and thus we had to go through the Hulsizer-propping-up-Checketts charade again, and it's cost the Blues basically another deadline because they have no certainty til just after (best case).

And none of that has anything to do with excellent drafting the Blues have been doing with their best picks.

On the Rattie topic, I just don't see Stewart's long-term future on this team. Whether it's soon or at the draft (after Tarasenko is inked) or before next season's deadline, I think they are looking to move on from him. Hitchcock certainly doesn't like Stewart's game and Armstrong isn't the type to hold on just because it was a signature trade. Fans wouldn't hold it against him they already endorse the EJ/Shattenkirk exchange.

They can't trade Rattie before Tarasenko's in the fold at a minimum, if they're going to move on from Stewart at some point. Agreed with Robb that his value should only increase. It's good now but wait til more teams see him at WJC next year. He has a tremendous attitude and his camp with the Blues paid off huge in juniors this year, so next year he'll be able to measure his progress and go back and work some more. He has a better shot release than every player in the entire Blues organization/prospect charts including Tarasenko.

I don't entirely disagree with Stealth provided the emphasis is on elite LD player or prospect. Yandle or Gormley or one of the Rangers LD, for example. But it better be a Pietrangelo/Shattenkirk type impact player because Rattie's quick release and shot is a badly needed element to add to the Blues' mix. Knowing what we know now, Rattie would have been a clear first rounder in last year's draft.

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