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02-19-2012, 08:46 PM
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Originally Posted by s3x View Post
I think you're better off not touching the Giroux signature if you ever wanted to sell it... You could sell it as is now and fetch fine money for it... and you might fetch great money for it if you touched it up since no one has gotten a bright signature on felt (since they all use silver Sharpie), but it's unethical in the autograph world.

If it's for you, and you don't care that you went over it, then it's fine. When I was 10, I received a Lindros signature in blue pen on my jersey at Ovations in the old Spectrum. I went home and went over it in black sharpie (to my family's shock). I no longer considered the jersey anything special -- I started to realize its value was worthless to anyone else, although the story and memory of getting it signed are what I consider most valuable.
Worst part is that I had a brand new silver Decocolor marker that I handed to the girl but she handed the jersey to Giroux first and he signed with the Sharpie before she handed him the Decocolor marker. I got it from her and got him to sign the stick with it though... came out nice.

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