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02-19-2012, 10:13 PM
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Cunny will be gone. I actual think he's a lousy coach. We trade for Bourque and the guy gets no power play time and people are complaining about Bourque''s play. Give the guy a chance to shine just like Cole started to shine once Martin decided to play him more. And what about Cunny's hard-on for Darche? What's Cunny thinking? And what about Gomez playing more than Eller - what has Gomez done to deserve it? Didn't his ass't coach just lash out at Gomez last week - so much for sticking up for your assistant. And lastly - I heard Cunny's press conference tonight and he actually gave excuses for his players...they were tired...what kind of crap is that...29 other teams are in the same situation and you don;t hear the coaches say their players are tired. Sorry- but for me - Cunny should be gone - he's way too inconsistent and soft.

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