Thread: Post-Game Talk: Habs lose to the devils 3-1
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02-19-2012, 09:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Glorieu
Listen, I've been watching hockey before many of you were thought of. I'm not pretending to be stupid enough to blame this loss on Price. This game aside, I do however believe he is overated. He is technically very sound and looks very good on the ice, but he just hasn't warranted his reputation and been the shut down goalie he needs to be on a consistent basis. Also his mental toughness is still very suspect. I agree with many of you regulars on here as to what the biggest problems with the team are (and I know goaltending isn't one of them), but watching Brodeur tonight, it struck me that Price is not even in the same category

My god, I'm glad to see this post, iv'e talked at great lenght about price's mental toughness, someone agree's.
Price as all the tools to be great except the mental toughness, it's the reason why
he doesn't win the big games. Sure hope St patrick can change all that next year. He's
price's only chance in montreal. Nobody else seems to be picking up on it.

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