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02-19-2012, 09:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Muminek View Post
People say many stupid things, to take those seriously would harmful to your mental health. Price is NOT and never will be a top 5 goalie of all times like Brodeur, but before we decide that he`s a failure, let him fail behind a decent team, than we`ll know if he`s as bad as many say.
The problem comes when many on these boards make exaggerated claims such as "if Price wasn't there we'd be last, bla bla bla" , or when people wouldn't even think twice about signing him to a completely ridiculous and insane contract of 50M for 7 years as if he were a proven top 5 goalie. The fact of the matter is that Price has proven very little. So far ? One top 5 goalie season, one. And in the playoffs it's actually been worse. And people are ready to hand over the keys to the city ? I say wait.

Furthermore, goalies in this league are getting better and better. There's only 30 number one spots. There are a lot of amazing goalies out there for these 30 spots and the difference between the 5th one and the 20th one is not that big. They can even swap rankings on any given season depending on luck and how good the teams in front of them are.

Price is indeed quite overrated. He's not the invaluable cornerstone people make him out to be. Reminds me a lot of when everyone was gaga over Theodore for a good 2-3 years after his Hart/Vezina season despite the fact Theodore wasn't doing anything special (he actually sucked most of the time). The funny part is that Theodore had actually done something to warrant that much hype (multiple trophies) whereas Price hasn't. The accomplishments haven't been there.

When I hear people say we don't need to rebuild because we already have a superstar franchise player in Price I always raise an eyebrow because he isn't there yet and goalies are really fickle. It's incredibly hard to say if he ever will be. Thing is, for a goalie to have as big of an impact on his team as a true franchise dman or forward he has to be pretty special. The #6 best goalie in the NHL doesn't have the same impact that Weber, Malkin, Datsyuk, etc have on a team. To say we're fine because we have a franchise player in Price is a smoke screen really. For that to be true Price would have to be better than he is and start shutting the door when he's given leads. No I'm not saying it's his fault, but MVP franchise players carry the team on their back, they don't need help all the time. Price was doing it last season. Rarely allowed softies and he'd shut the door down when given leads. But he's not doing it this season. He's not as good as he was last season, no one will make me believe that (even when accounting for the team's play in front of him). And last season, Price didn't even get any trophies, wasn't even nominated for one which goes to show you how good the goalies in this league are. You have to be head and shoulders above the rest to make a huge impact on your team and be a franchise player. I just don't see Price in that light at all, not yet anyway.

Anyway, can't wait for parts of my post to be cherry picked and for Price fans to see red and misunderstand the whole post.

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