Thread: Post-Game Talk: 3 Stars and GBR: #57 vs. Columbus
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02-19-2012, 10:13 PM
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Originally Posted by eco's bones View Post
One of the more asinine goof-ups by the NHL. Definitely need to synchronize these clocks because they look like *******s right now. Not saying that it is--but that 0.00 photo from Toronto could just as easily show the puck rebounding out of the net as the puck going in. For all the millions of dollars generated by the NHL it's inexcusable (moronic) that they can't get such a simple thing right.
From the conspiracy angle, that's actually a very good point.

What's stopping them from handing the MSG broadcast a freeze frame of the puck on the line as it bounced back out of the net (which it did) and claim it was on the way in at 0.0?

You would never know unless you could stop the original MSG feed at the same exact point on the way out and conclusively show it is in a different location from where it entered the net. The angles were different as well, which would make that very difficult.

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