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02-19-2012, 10:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Tim Tebow View Post
Torts was on both lists. I double checked now since I was speaking off memory. The last poll Torts was voted as the coach who gets the most out of his players, Ron Wilson was voted the coach players least want to play for with Torts coming in 2nd.

I am not saying every player on Tampa hated him, I am saying he had numerous guys on that team get sick of him. That wasn't a secret. When a team is winning people will be fine with it but when a team struggles sometimes personalities like Tortorella's will just be like throwing gas on a fire. Different players respond to different things. Like I said Torts is a good coach but not every player will work with him.
Well, as noted, he gets results. No coach is perfect, but maybe some of those who don't want to play for him are players who teams don't really need if they want to win.

Originally Posted by MsWoof View Post
My problem with Lavi started last year. He was outcoached in the Boston series, he had last change for 2 games yet kept putting Briere's line against Krejci's even though they were getting killed. When it's something as basic as line match ups when you have last change, that's a pretty glaring mistake.

He doesn't believe practising the shoot out is important, yet we keep losing points because our shooters suck and our goalies can't stop a beachball in the shoot out. WTF? Practise the damned shootout! It's part of the game, most fans hate it and I'm sure most players and coaches hate it but it's there and you have to make the most of it.

He doesn't coach defense and his team is never ready for afternoon games. Totally inexcusable.

The up-tempo style he coaches really does nothing for the defensive part of the game. Sure, we score lots of goals, or at least did in the first half, but there is no responsibility being put on the defensive game.

I loved Lavi in 2010, it was so great to see a coach who was the polar opposite of Stevens, but there are big issues with a lot of what he does and he is too stubborn to change things that aren't working.
He's not the "best coach in the league" as you would hear some of the media peddle. There are mistakes - he was outcoached by Claude Julien without question last year, but he still does not have the personnel to get to where this team thinks they are. That isn't his fault. Giroux is one of the league's leading scorers, and Hartnell went from being run out of town to a top-line player. He certainly got all he could out of Ville Leino. And he made Michael Leighton a few extra bucks, got to the Finals with him and Boucher, along with essentially 4 defensemen. The 2010 Flyers had no business in the Finals, we were a real NHL goaltender away. On the flip side, no coach has ever gotten Danny Briere to backcheck, no reason to think why he would start now.

The team was ahead of schedule rebuilding whether they want to admit it or not, so in that sense he's done the best he can with what he has. It's some of the veteran defensemen on this team who don't get the job done, if we're looking past the goalie as it is its own issue. He did find a way to get the job done with a rookie goalie having aging stiffs in front of him for defensemen. Carle and Coburn have been playing this system for a while now, Meszaros for almost two years.

They're the guys who everyone feels let down by - guys who are supposed to know what they're doing, not all the green players who aren't good enough and/or experienced enough yet to cover up their mistakes. He is not responsible for sub-par personnel.

He makes mistakes, but I'm not going to hold him accountable for not having the players after losing the 2 best defensive forwards, replacing them with rookies, losing a Hall of Fame defenseman, and a $51M goaltender who literally has his head in the clouds.

This team is ahead of where people thought they would be in July.

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