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02-19-2012, 10:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Cyclones Rock View Post
Eller doesn't have the vision or the decision-making acumen of DD. Watch Eller and watch DD closely. Who creates space in the offensive zone? Who can make the correct split second decision on passing? When DD is a little more experienced, he'll use his shot to better advantage and create yet more space in the offensive zone-and generate even better passing opportunities-than he already does.

DD is also not the defensive liability many make him out to be. In his last 24 games he's been on the ice for 24 ES goals for and 8 ES goals against. Tonight, I saw Parise, Kovalchuk and Elias on the ice plenty of times against the DD line. They hardly dominated against the DD line.

Eller is most likely going to be a solid 2 way, defensive-oriented center-not an offensive powerhouse. He's scored 41 points in 140 career games. this year he has 22 in 57 (17 in 56 if you toss out the 5 point (4g1a game). He's a .4 PPG scorer this season even with that career night (.3 PPG without it) and based on what I see with him, 60 points in a season would probably be an overly optimistic projection for him. That would almost be double his PPG average of this season.

If the Habs do decide that this season is done and move some players for picks/prospects, I'd love to see Eller get paired with at least one of the two of Patches or Coles. It would be good for his development and would certainly increase his production somewhat. I also can't fathom why he hasn't gotten PP time over Gomez. That's one of the great mysteries of the RC world to me.

Keep bad mouthing and demeaning DD though if it makes you happy. BTW, DD has 23 points in his last 23 games. That's more than Eller has all season
How did I demean DD? Take off the homer glasses and think objectively for one second. You really think having DD as the #1 center is sustainable?

DD will always have to be matched with big body wingers and will have to rely on his wingers to bring the puck up ice. Eller does not require any of that. Does DD have better vision? Yes. But I'd much rather invest in Eller than DD. I'd love to see what Eller would look like with Patches and Cole on his wings.

Again, why are you comparing DD's stats with Eller's? They play different roles, have different ice time and different linemates.

I could understand if Eller was given the same linemates, PP time and 5 on 5 time, same role and such...but this is not true. So I don't get the stat comparisons.

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