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02-20-2012, 12:47 AM
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If you build a Stanley Cup team, chances are, your players are really good, and it will be hard to keep them together when their contracts are up.

The biggest thing people are missing about the future is, Gaborik will not be resigned if Nash is added. We will have a 3 year window of opportunity to win the Cup with both of them. After that, Gaborik is expendable in favor of youth coming up. 34 year old Gabby that still has health questions becomes expendable when you have 30 year old Nash and other players like Stepan turning 25, Kreider turning 27, etc...

Timing is everything. Kreider will not be an instant 30-40 goal superstar. You have to give him 2-3 years to develop. Nash is the player the Rangers need right now and through the next 3 years. By the time Kreider is ready, Gaborik can be let go at age 34. Nash will still be there as the Rangers top player. BUT Kreider can't be involved. You gotta go with something like Dubinsky, Hagelin, Christian Thomas, Tim Erixon, and a #1.

How do you expect to keep a roster like Staal, Girardi, McDonagh, Del Zotto, Sauer, McIlrath, Erixon????? Thats 7 TOP defensemen that will command top contracts and top minutes. Move 1 piece now to complete a lack of offense on the team and make your cup run.

Your never gonna be able to hold onto all those D in 3 years when Erixon and McIlrath are ready. Fill a hole now before you lose someone in the future for less.
Going for a Stanley Cup is all about getting the most peaking players in their prime as you can. You may have prospects up the rear, but if the timing is always off on the development, then you will never win. The Rangers are in a VERY important 3 year stretch right now when they have some world class Defense ALL signed. Lundqvist is in his prime. They NEED to make the move for Nash to complete the Offense. If you wait, then you will eventually lose Defense to higher contracts, Lundqvists gets older, etc... Gotta take FULL advantage of the next 3 year window to win the cup.

Our Defense is already one of the best in the league. You need offense to add to it in order to win. EVERY team will step up in defense when the playoffs come around. If we can't finish against the 30th team in the league, then what happens in the playoffs???

Our games come down to defense and goaltending way too much. You need to address the lack of finishing NOW or it will hurt you in the playoffs when EVERYONE starts to play more shutdown D.

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